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15 Funny White Elephant Gifts Under $20

Tis the season for giving gifts and we figured we could all use a laugh or two (or fifteen). Whether you're looking for a gift for your childhood best friend, your parents, or even yourself, the right gift can go a long way - even if it's a silly one! We put together the Ultimate White Elephant Gift Guide for under $20 so that you can enjoy the holiday season and end the year on a fun note!

Check out our Top 15 White Elephant Gifts for Under $20:

  1. For starters, most of our dads could use some help with their jokes, so help him prepare with his own stack of Dad Jokes.

  2. We all have that one family member that's been asking for a Nintendo Switch... so be their hero when you come through for them with this literal Nintendo Switch.

  3. There's always that one neighbor or friend who doesn't quite understand the concept of picking up after their pet. Best way to help them out? Give them this Hide-A-Poo box and stuff it with plastic bags so maybe they'll get the point!

  4. Dentures, the classic gag gift! But this one smells like peppermint and you can wash your hands with it.

  5. Can't go wrong with a Nerf gun! A sure way to annoy Mom & Dad or your quarantine buddy.

  6. A Yodeling Pickle. Why it exists? We don't know. But it's bound to drive someone up a wall!

  7. Have a friend that always pulls the "I got your nose!" trick? Well, now you can give them their own nose to hold onto. Best part? They can hang it in their shower and it can dispense their favorite soap or shampoo!

  8. After quarantine, we may all have to lose a few pounds... It may as well be with Body by Starfleet: A Fitness Guide, a workout featuring all of our favorite Star Trek characters.

  9. There was always that one kid growing up that pretended to be a shark... Make their dream come true with this realistic shark fin.

  10. The pillow that shrimp-lovers didn't know they needed! This large shrimp pillow will have your friend dreaming of seafood each night.

  11. Let's be honest... You're probably going to buy this for yourself to destress. But for now, pick up the Nicolas Cage Coloring Book for that friend that needs an extra laugh.

  12. For that friend that needs help measuring out their wine, the Periodic Tableware Beaker Wine Glass is great for portion control, or a science experiment. Or both?

  13. Dog Butt Magnets, because what's a cuter way to hang up something on the fridge than this?

  14. Who doesn't love Danny Devito? For any Danny DeVito aficionado, remind them of his greatness every day with this Sequin Throw Pillow featuring Danny himself.

  15. Ready for vacation? We all are. If you know someone with a pool, this Inflatable Rainbow Cloud Drink Holder is the perfect gift to remind someone that you'd also like to swim in their pool. Bring the realistic shark fin with you for extra fun.

Gift Giving 2.0

We understand that this year gift giving will be a little different. White Elephant Gifts are a fun way to add to the holiday cheer and remind someone you're thinking of them in your own unique way. What's the funniest White Elephant gift you've ever received or given? Does your family have a White Elephant tradition? We'd love to hear about it! Reach out to us via email: or give us a call: (303) 536-5505.


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