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Amazon expands its in-garage grocery delivery

A woman delivers boxes inside customers garage
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Amazon is expanding Amazon Key services to include in-garage delivery of grocery orders from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods. Previously, this service was available only for Prime members in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. Now it will be available for Prime members in more than 5,000 cities across the U.S.

Amazon Key enables drivers to leave packages in garages, homes, cars, and businesses. The service is dependent on smart locks, smart garage door openers, and camera systems to ensure the safety of your packages from bad weather as well as porch pirates.

Of course there are security concerns due to the nature of Amazon Key services. Giving workers access to the user’s home for a delivery is certainly unorthodox, and while it only allows workers temporary access via the smart lock systems and cameras are in place, some customers remain understandably reluctant to participate.

Walmart grocery delivery

Walmart offers a similar service, InHome Delivery, which allows deliveries directly to your refrigerator. They are also launching plans to offer up a less invasive solution for grocery delivery, HomeValet. Walmart is testing this smart cooler device in Bentonville, Arkansas. The cooler will be provided to participating customers and placed outside the home, allowing delivery workers to place orders inside the temperature controlled device, which is safely locked until the recipient is able to bring their order inside.

Please come in?

What do you think about these new delivery systems? Have you tried Amazon Key or Walmart's InHome Delivery? If not, would you be willing to let a stranger into your home or car to deliver groceries and packages or do you think it oversteps boundaries? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Email us: or give us a call: (303) 536-5505.


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