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Made To A Tee

Image Source: Amazon's MadeForYou

When it comes to shopping online, Amazon has a little bit of everything we need (and don’t need). One of the things we often search for is the perfect t-shirt. Did you ever wish you could just design your own? Well now you can with Amazon Made For You. With this new service, Amazon transforms into your own personal tailor. Just upload two photos and Amazon will create your personal avatar and you can design your own t-shirt.

Using 3D technology, they’re able to create a precise fit based off of your height, weight, and the photos you've uploaded. You are able to select your length and cut as well as choose between medium-weight prima cotton or lightweight cotton blend. In addition to this, you are able to customize the shirt further by determining the neckline, sleeve type, as well as color. Once you’ve finished designing your new t-shirt, you can add your name to the tag so it has that extra special finishing touch.

While some people may be wary about sending in their personal measurements and photos, Amazon says photos are deleted immediately after the customer avatar is created and customers always have the option to delete their information under their profile.

Sounds like an expensive undertaking but for only $25, that custom made t-shirt is yours! Made For You is looking to expand this service into the future, hopefully adding more styles and items like leggings, activewear, pants, and dresses.

E-Commerce Tailored To You

Nowadays, consumers are able to personalize and receive just about any item they want. From vitamins and skincare to custom tailored t-shirts, more and more e-commerce businesses are offering a more personalized online shopping experience. Which trends have you seen this year? Have your favorite businesses started offering personalized options? We'd love to hear from you! Email us: or give us a call: (303) 536-5505.


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