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Amazon pledges to train 29 million people globally in cloud computing

Lots of big news has been dropped so far at Amazon’s re:Invent conference this year. None more profound however, than an ambitious new training initiative. AWS (Amazon Web Services) has pledged to help 29 million people around the world advance their technical ability with free training aimed to bolster cloud computing skills, and enhance the recipient’s employment outlook. Furthermore, AWS expects to have achieved the numbers stated around this mass training by 2025.

The announcement came at a doubtlessly advantageous time for Amazon, whether intentional or not. With re:Invent 2020 being held entirely online for the first time ever due to the global COVID-19 crisis, there couldn’t have been a more opportune time to announce a plan to provide free tech training to millions around the world.

The impact that this new objective could have for unemployed or underemployed people is profound. With so many of us still working from home, technology has been relied upon more than anyone could have imagined, and perhaps being pushed closer to its limits as the needs of corporations continue to change and expand rapidly.

Where do we sign up?

Keeping with the theme of getting as many people on board as possible, Amazon has made signing up for AWS Educate as easy as possible! There is a portal to apply as an educator, institution, or student. A short application will be reviewed, and access will either be granted or declined based on the AWS criteria. You can take a look here: AWS Educate Application

Tech education under any circumstance tends to be a good thing, especially when it consists of over 500 online courses, interactive labs, and virtual day-long training sessions provided at no cost, by one of the largest companies in human history. It goes without saying that this could be life changing for employees and employers alike, as new qualifications are sought in employees, and more candidates have access to the same training regardless of their location or demographic

Higher (Cloud) Education

What do you think about Amazon's new education initiative? Do you believe it should be more accessible? Will it create more employees than there are jobs? We'd love to hear from you! Email us: or give us a call: (303) 536-5505.


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