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Help your customers by adding Product Documents to your Amazon Listings

Ever wish you could add a downloadable user guide or instruction manual to your Amazon listing to provide important information to your customers? Well now you can! Amazon recently introduced a new feature called Product Documents for sellers with Brand Registry (and it's free).

With Product Documents, eligible sellers can add user manuals, spec sheets, safety information, 2D and 3D CAD, certificates of compliance, troubleshooting guides, and several other types of documentation to provide important information to shoppers before they purchase, as well as offer them support post-purchase.

Amazon states that adding product documents to your listing pages "can result in higher conversion rates, lower customers support costs, increased sales, and fewer returns when used effectively."

Document Requirements

Documents must meet certain criteria in order to be approved. They must be less than 10MB and in PDF format with the exception of CAD drawings, where PDF, dwg, dxf, igs, eprt, edrw, sidprt, or stp format are all acceptable.

To access Product Documents in Seller Central, go to Inventory > Manage Product Documents. Once documents are submitted, it can take up to seven business days for them to be reviewed and approved. Once approved, it can take up to seven business days for them to be published on your listing. If a document is rejected, it will show a "Not approved" status and you can click Edit to view the reasons for rejection. Any edited submission will have to go through the review process again.

Just like with A+ Content, there are many things your documents cannot include, like boastful claims about your product, and shipping, pricing, promotional, or discount information. The link below provides a full list of guidelines.

Optimize your Amazon presence

In addition to Product Documents, Amazon offers a wide variety of features to enhance your product listings and engage customers with your brand. From Video and A+ Content to storefronts and Amazon Posts, there are many opportunities to make your customers' shopping experience a great one. Do you need help implementing Amazon features for your brand? The experts at Ripcord Brands are here for you! Email us: or give us a call: (303) 536-5505.


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