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Why brands need an Amazon storefront

Having an Amazon storefront is like having your own website on Amazon. A storefront provides your customers with an organized shopping experience and allows you to effectively and consistently present your brand. It also helps your customers learn about your brand and the products you sell. Just how much of a difference does it make? Take a look at koi's representation on Amazon before and after Ripcord Brands designed their storefront:

What a difference!

Before koi set up their storefront, you'd have to scroll through pages of listings that all looked the same. You didn't learn much about koi and their brand as a whole.

With the new, modern storefront, customers are immersed into a detailed shopping experience where products are neatly arranged and easy to find. Each different koi line has it's own dedicated page that you can easily find with the navigation menu, just like you would on their website. Products are presented in a consistent manner with koi's website, catalog and overall branding. Individual store pages, like the koi Basics page at right, showcase their products with detailed images, fabric descriptions and highlighted products from that line. If a customer finds a product they like, they can click directly from the storefront to the product's listing page to purchase it. How convenient! The storefront provides you with a great opportunity to connect with your customers.

Benefits of having an Amazon storefront

  • Improves your brand's image

  • Gives you control over your brand's representation

  • Protects your brand's identity

  • Helps customers understand your brand better

  • Provides an organized shopping experience for your customers

  • Increases conversion rates

  • Decreases return rates

Creating your brand's storefront

In order to create a storefront on Amazon, you must obtain Brand Registry. Only brands with a registered trademark are eligible. Need help bringing your Amazon storefront to life? The experts at Ripcord Brands know what to do! Send us and email: or give us a call: (303) 536-5505.



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