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New perk for Amazon Prime members and the planet: Amazon Day

Amazon Day delivery
Prime members can now select one day of the week to receive all their packages.

Supporting Shipment Zero, a sustainability initiative to make all Amazon shipments net zero carbon (with 50% of shipments achieving net zero carbon by 2030), Amazon has introduced "Amazon Day" - a service for Prime members that allows them to pick one day of the week for their delivery. Members can add to their order throughout the week and then Amazon will deliver them on the selected day. Items can be added to an order up to two days before the customer's scheduled shipment. Amazon Day delivery will appear as a delivery option along with normal Prime delivery options, in case you need a different delivery option for a certain order.

Amazon Day is free for Prime members, with no additional membership or fee. This new service will reduce the amount of shipping materials and packaging as well as the number of deliveries Amazon has to make by encouraging customers who place multiple orders in a week to receive delivery of their packages all on the same day.

Amazon's other efforts to achieve sustainability include Frustration Free Packing, Ship in Own Container, a network of solar and wind farms, solar on fulfillment center rooftops and investments in the circular economy with the Closed Loop Fund. They've also invested in improvements in electric vehicles, aviation bio fuels, reusable packaging and renewable energy. Learn more about Amazon's sustainability efforts.

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