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Product Spotlight: Barco brings some Edge to your work wardrobe

Grey's Anatomy EDGE by Barco

Exude effortless confidence with Grey’s Anatomy™ EDGE by Barco, the newest addition to the wildly popular Grey's Anatomy™ scrub family. EDGE is curated from the Super Fabric Nylex™, delivering scrubs that are durable, breathable, quick-dry, lightweight and resilient. They combine form and function with a modern, polished look that resists wrinkles and soil, while providing comfort and movement with breathable stretch.

You work hard and so should your scrubs. Grey’s Anatomy™ EDGE is designed to keep up with your busy day, and keep you looking and feeling great at the same time.

About Barco

Barco is inspired by the compassion and dedication of healthcare professionals. Their vision is to curate innovative, premium quality fabrics by crafting modern, relevant styling to enhance the performance and lives of healthcare professionals.

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