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A state-by-state look at the best-selling items on in 2018

We previously wrote about the best-selling Amazon Prime products in 2018, but what were the best-selling items on The results are pretty interesting. Find out who's got a thing for Flamin' Hot Cheetos, which region should be renamed Crayola Country, what particular item is popular in our nation's capital and wait... somebody actually likes creamed corn?

Here is the state-by-state breakdown:

Top-Selling Items on in 2018
  • Alabama: Crayola Crayons

  • Alaska: Coconut Milk (for cooking)

  • Arizona: Ozark Trail 12-Ounce Can Cooler

  • Arkansas: Instant Pot

  • California: Nintendo Switch Console

  • Colorado: Inflatable Airbed Mattress

  • Connecticut: Avengers: Infinity War Blu-Ray

  • Delaware: Google Chromecast

  • Florida: Google Chromecast

  • Georgia: Crayola Crayons

  • Hawaii: Instant Pot

  • Idaho: Easy-Bake Oven Refill

  • Illinois: Crayola Crayons

  • Indiana: Toilet Bowl Cleaner

  • Iowa: Instant Pot

  • Kansas: Ozark Trail 20-Ounce Tumbler

  • Kentucky: Disposable Washcloths

  • Louisiana: Crayola Crayons

  • Maine: Condensed Milk

  • Maryland: Paper Towels

  • Massachusetts: Paper Towels

  • Michigan: Ozark Trail 20-Ounce Tumbler

  • Minnesota: Folgers Coffee

  • Mississippi: Crayola Crayons

  • Missouri: Ozark Trail 20-Ounce Tumbler

  • Montana: Folgers Coffee

  • Nebraska: Nestea Unsweetened Iced Tea

  • Nevada: Flamin' Hot Cheetos Puffs

  • New Hampshire: Dell 15.6" HD Touch Screen Laptop

  • New Jersey: Paper Towels

  • New Mexico: Mason Jars

  • New York: Paper Towels

  • North Carolina: Ozark Trail 20-Ounce Tumbler

  • North Dakota: Great Value Lemonade

  • Ohio: Ozark Trail 20-Ounce Tumbler

  • Oklahoma: Crayola Crayons

  • Oregon: Pure Cane Sugar

  • Pennsylvania: Paper Towels

  • Rhode Island: Paper Towels

  • South Carolina: Ozark Trail 20-Ounce Tumbler

  • South Dakota: Folgers Coffee

  • Tennessee: Crayola Crayons

  • Texas: Ozark Trail 20-Ounce Tumbler

  • Utah: Instant Pot

  • Vermont: Del Monte Creamed Corn

  • Virginia: Crayola Crayons

  • Washington: Toilet Paper

  • *Washington, D.C.: Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa

  • West Virginia: Ozark Trail 20-Ounce Tumbler

  • Wisconsin: PUR Water Replacement Filters

  • Wyoming: Freez Pak Reusable Ice

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