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The best SEO practices for your Amazon product listings

Everyone wants their products to show up on the first page of search results on Amazon, but not everyone knows how to get there. Sure, spending money on sponsored ads will help, but you also need to implement the best SEO practices into your product listings.

There's three main areas of Amazon product listings where SEO comes into play:

1. The Title

The title is used by Amazon’s A9 algorithm as one of the first pieces of information when determining where your product appears on an Amazon search results page.

The order and relevance of keywords in your title are a big factor in the SEO of your listing. Avoid inserting keywords unnaturally, Amazon's algorithm is smart and may negatively impact your results if it determines you are just filling space.

Use language that speaks directly to your customers. If you are able to successfully address your customers’ needs in the title, you can increase customer trust immediately.

2. The Bullet Points

Amazon's A9 algorithm assigns SEO value to your bullet points in order of it's deemed importance. So it's crucial to make sure you are emphasizing the right keywords in the correct order.

It’s also good practice to capitalize the first few words of each bullet point to increase readability and include as many key search terms as possible while also communicating organically with your customer.

3. Backend Keywords

Amazon allows 250 characters in the backend content, including spaces. Repeating keywords in the front end content may negatively impact indexing and you should also be aware of the use of plurals or foreign translations in your keywords.

Get help optimizing your Amazon product listings

Feeling overwhelmed by the nuances of Amazon's A9 algorithm? Or maybe you just don't have the man power or time to deal with it yourself? Our team of Amazon experts at Ripcord Brands know the ins and outs of optimizing Amazon product listings and are happy to help! Send us an email: or give us a call: (303) 536-5505.



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