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Make a New Year's Business Resolution!

New Year's resolutions... we've all made them. We've all failed to stick to them, too. It usually involves signing up for the gym and then cancelling your membership by the end of February. What if for 2019, instead of eating kale and beating yourself up every time you get the urge to roll up in the McDonald's drive through, you put the focus on growing your business on Amazon? It's a resolution that's easy to stick to you if you have the right partner! That's where Ripcord Brands comes in.

New Year's Business Resolutions for 2019
Let's make a toast to a prosperous year on Amazon!

Consider us your Amazon Personal Trainer

Much like entering the intimidating arena of treadmills and better-looking hard bodies that stuck to their New Year's resolutions last year, building and growing your business on Amazon can seem daunting and downright scary. Imagine if you joined the gym and someone did all your workouts for you, and you still ended up in great shape? That would be fantastic! Unfortunately, we know that's not possible. With your Amazon business, however, it IS possible to partner with someone who can do all the work for you... and you DO end up in great shape! Less work, more sales! Hooray!

Growth strategies for your Amazon business
Growth strategies for your Amazon business

Looking to grow your business on Amazon? We implement effective growth strategies to help you succeed.

Grow, build, and protect your brand on Amazon

At Ripcord Brands we live and breathe Amazon so you don't have to. We build your listings, we grow your brand and we protect your brand along the way. Just like that personal trainer who guides you through the training circuit at the gym, let us help you navigate through the overwhelming Amazon ecosystem. And unlike that trainer, we won't yell at you and make you do sit ups. Ready to make that resolution? Send us an email: or give us a call: (303) 536-5505.



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