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10 Funny Father's Day Gifts Under $25

Dads are usually good-natured and silly, so why not give them a Father's Day gift that is too? To help you bring some big smiles to Father's Day this year, we've rounded up a list of fun, affordable gifts for fathers who appreciate a good laugh and the children that love making fun of them.


Does your dad disappear for 45 minutes every time Mother Nature comes a' knockin'? Well this little gadget will help drop the hint that maybe he needs to speed things up a bit. Tick Tock!


The perfect gift to make sure dad's beer stays just as cozy as he does when he goes camping (or when he falls asleep with it in his hand while watching TV).


Dad Jokes: Love 'em or hate 'em, you know there's always one in the queue! This shirt offers fair warning to bystanders that they should prepare to cringe.


If nose strips fail or dad just straight up refuses to wear them, this helpful little mug will at least help him justify why his snoring is so loud that the neighbors can't sleep at night.


Be proud of that dad bod, Pops... we know you worked really hard on it with all those tough reps you endured lifting that beer to your lips... over and over and over...


For the fur daddy... your pooch definitely loves you but no, he definitely did not buy you this mug. But hey, it's much better than something puppers could have made himself.


Your father experiences so many emotions when golfing (mostly intense rage), so these golf balls will have him covered whether he scores a hole-in-one or ends up crying in a sand trap.


Unless you're a truly rotten child, please make sure to explain to your Papa that these are for washing his hands, not for eating during Monday Night Football.


This handy little book might help you explain to your father that you're not the only one who ever messed up in school. In fact, it might make you look like a genius.


What dad doesn't love bacon? Or candy? Or candy that tastes like bacon? With three different flavors to enjoy, he'll be in bacon heaven. Just advise him not to eat it with eggs.


Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!


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