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FBM versus FBA

Navigating the Amazon landscape can be complicated, especially when you’re listing products for the first time. All these abbreviations can be overwhelming, and sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. Today we’ve laid out different fulfillment options sellers can choose from when joining the Amazon marketplace.

Determining which fulfillment strategy is best for your business is important when selling through Amazon. FBA and FBM are two major fulfillment options available for Amazon sellers:

FBA - Fulfilled by Amazon

This is where you, the merchant, provide Amazon with the physical inventory and they ship it for you. This means Amazon is in charge of order fulfillment and customer service when it comes to sold products.

Reasons to choose FBA:

  • You sell a high amount of products and have a quick turnover rate

  • Your products are smaller

  • You don’t have access to a logistics system

  • You don’t have a customer service team

Check out the FBA Fulfillment fees here.

FBM - Fulfilled by Merchant

This is where you, the merchant, have control over the physical inventory fulfillment, and responsibility to customer service.

Reasons to choose FBM:

  • Your products are heavy or inexpensive

  • You have large storage space for your items

  • You have high variation products and you want to make sure your customer has access to all items you make

  • You have the time and capability for customer service

Using both FBA and FBM

If these options seem like viable solutions for your company, you can opt to use both! This allows you to sell a wide variety of products with less limitations, but also ensures inventory presence. When Amazon is slow at receiving shipments into their facility, or if your own warehouse is experiencing problems fulfilling directly, using both FBA and FBM will help you prepare so that your customers are still able to buy your product from one of your fulfillment channels.

Still not sure which Amazon fulfillment option is right for you?

Leverage Ripcord Brands' years of expertise to help build a fulfillment strategy that is best for your brand. Email us: or call us: (303) 536-5505.



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