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Product Spotlight: Five Star Chef Apparel is cooking up style

Five Star Chef Apparel
Five Star Chef Apparel blends form and function to bring you a great selection of restaurant apparel.

Combining style with function and fabric technology, Five Star Chef Apparel offers a full line of restaurant apparel and accessories to keep you looking good while feeling cool. Features like moisture-wicking mesh panels, soil release fabric, functional pockets and modern details can be found in a variety of styles for men and women.

Men's & Unisex

Five Star Chef Apparel has a wide selection of jackets and pants that look great on both men and women. Jackets feature details like split sleeve pockets for your tools, roll up sleeves that stay in place while you're using your hands, contrast piping or side panels that add color and style, soil release fabric for easy cleaning, and moisture-wicking mesh panels to keep you cool during your busy day. Their comfortable chef pants come in solid black and variety of fun prints.


For women who desire a more feminine fit and style, this collection of jackets and pants are designed specifically for the ladies. Like the Men's & Unisex lines, jackets feature details like split sleeve pockets, soil release fabric, and moisture-wicking mesh panels. But they also feature a feminine silhouette plus style details and colors not found in the Men's & Unisex lines. Like the Men's & Unisex lines, pants come in solid black and a variety of fun prints, but with a more feminine fit.


In addition to restaurant apparel, Five Star Chef Apparel offers a great line of accessories. From chef hats and caps, to belt pouches, to a wide variety of aprons in different lengths and styles, they've got you covered. Their selection of aprons come in mid-length, waist, bib and long bistro styles. They even have bar towels for cleaning up.

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