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Happy Holidays from the Ripcord Brands Team

2020 has been a year of incredible challenges. But more so, it has been a year of triumph. We want to thank each of you for the collaboration, creativity, and commitment that has allowed us to succeed together in this unprecedented year.

Collectively, we’ve had to adapt to new work structures, travel limitations, and technologies, each representing legitimate hurdles to the way we typically do business and serve our customers. But, collectively, we’ve risen to the challenge, finding success in a year that could best be described as “Hard Mode.”

As it has been with many things this year, the upcoming holiday season may be different than expected or hoped. But just as our companies battled together to succeed in 2020, so too will we pivot to ensure the holiday season remains enjoyable and fulfilling, even if it is different than pictured.

Thank you for your partnership.

And remember: We’re just getting started!


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