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Perfect Mother's Day Gifts for At Home Fun

Mother's Day is right around the corner and we all want to get our mothers something special. Well we made it easy for you and created a gift guide so you can focus on time with mom and less time stressing over a gift. Since we all have spent more time at home this past year, we created a gift list that features ideas for some fun at home!

Grow Kits

We could all use something to brighten our day - or our home - so what better way to do that than growing your own flowers (sunflower or lavender)? Or if you're feeling super adventurous (and healthy), pick up your mother her own mushroom grow kit or microgreens! Super fun to grow and they both make a tasty snack for later! Check out Back to the Roots Grow Kits!

DIY Plant Hanger

If your mother is already a big plant fan, set her up with her own DIY plant hanger kit! A fun activity you two can do together and a great memory to hang up when you're all done!

The Office Cookbook

Once you're done growing your own flowers, mushrooms, or microgreens, you and your mom can use The Office Cookbook to cook a delicious meal together! Since we can't watch it on Netflix anymore, we might as well reminisce with Kevin's chili recipe!

Cocktail Kit

Best way to end a night of cooking and watching reruns? Cocktails. And we could all use a drink after this past year! Check out this cocktail kit from Amazon. Now is the best time to learn to make your favorite drink (or your mother's)!

Tea Kit

Maybe your mother isn't into drinks - and that's okay! Here's a great alternative: a tea kit. Your mom can make a variety of different cups with a heart shaped strainer - so she thinks of you every time!

Painting Kit

What pairs well with a big cup of tea? Painting! Sometimes we all need a push in a creative direction so we chose a Painting Kit - an activity you and your mom can enjoy together!

Poetry for Neanderthals

If you want to get the whole family involved, check out Poetry for Neanderthals - a hilarious game where you must speak good or get hit with stick. Trust us, the whole family will get a kick out of this game! Plus, time with your mother is the most precious gift of all!

Amazon Explore

Looking to spend more time with mom? Have you wanted to take her on a trip recently but can't? Check out Amazon Explore, where you can take a trip right from your own living room! Explore a variety of regions and take a tour with a local. Looking for something more interactive? Amazon Explore offers a variety of experiences like a virtual wine tasting in Argentina, or a cooking class with a Mexican chef.

Digital Photo Frame

Not able to see mom this year? Why not reminisce and send her a digital frame with your favorite memories together. Easy to upload and a great way to store and share your favorite pictures, this digital photo frame is user friendly and ready for photos!

Still searching for ideas?

The classic flowers and chocolates are always a good go to! Or, maybe our list has helped you think of another idea! If that's the case, we'd love to hear it! Email us: or give us a call: (303) 536-5505.


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