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Product Spotlight: 3 Great New Dog Products From peaksNpaws

Your dog will love peaksNpaws all-natural yak milk nuggets, elk antlers and rope toys!

When it comes to unconditional love, the devoted dog takes the cake. Or in this case - the antlers, nuggets and rope toys. We're always looking for healthy, all-natural treats and fun toys for our fur babies and peaksNpaws just came out with three great products. Many of us here at Ripcord Brands have our own four-legged besties and think they deserve the best. Our pups love these products and we think yours will, too.

Himalayan Yak Milk Cheese Nuggets
Make sure to microwave nuggets 60 seconds to make them puff before giving them to your pup.

1. Himalayan Yak Milk Nuggets

Made from the same recipe as peaksNpaws' famous yak milk chews, these microwave cheese nuggets take fun to a whole new level! Just microwave a single nugget for 60 seconds and watch them turn into a delicious cheesy puff.

  • Four simple ingredients: Yak Milk, Cow Milk, Lime Juice, and Himalayan Salt

  • No chemicals, preservatives, or additives

  • High in protein and low in fat

  • Stink-free

  • Safe to chew for all sizes of dogs


peaksNpaws split elk antlers
Antlers are available spilt (pictured) or whole.

2. 100% Pure Elk Antlers

These naturally shed, 100% pure elk antlers are gathered gathered right in our own back yard, the Rocky Mountains. Naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, they contain no additives or preservatives. They are stink-free and won't splinter or make a mess while your pup is enjoying them.

  • 100% sustainable

  • Naturally shed - no elk are touched when the antlers are gathered

  • Grade A quality, great for teeth cleaning

  • Stink-free, naturally low in odor

  • Recommended for aggressive chewers


Calvin the Camel rope toy
Calvin the Camel

3. Premium Natural Rope Toys

These adorable rope toys are handmade by artisans in New Delhi with all-natural cotton and jute. They come in vibrant colors and shapes, skillfully crafted by artisans using traditional techniques with modern designs. Your pup will love the crackling sound of the recycled bottle inside.

  • Made from all-natural cotton rope and jute, and non-toxic natural dyes

  • Can be dipped in water and frozen - great for teething pups

  • Available animals: Camel, Alligator, Duck, Pig, Elephant

  • Recommended for gentle chewers


About peaksNpaws

peaksNpaws is a Denver based company founded in 2017. The roots of the company go back 25 years, when the three founders, little seven year olds then, started their journey as best friends.  It’s no surprise that loyalty and trust define who they are. They believe that no other animal has served us in as many ways as the loyal dog and strive to bring the very best and unique products for our furry friends.

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