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Sam's Club offers "Hero Hours" to first responders & healthcare workers

Sam's Club currently offers special shopping hours to their associates every Sunday from 8am to 10am, and is now expanding that offer to include first responders and healthcare workers. These "Hero Hours" kicked off on Sunday, April 19th and will continue until further notice.

First responders and healthcare workers are not required to have a membership to utilize Hero Hours. They will be provided with face masks and practice social distancing.

Sam's Club on Twitter:

Many heroes to thank

First responders and healthcare workers are most certainly the biggest heroes of the pandemic and we cannot thank them enough for all that they do. While many of us are able to stay safely inside our homes, they don't have a choice. And let's not forget the other heroes who can't stay home - grocery stores associates that make sure you have the food and essentials you need, warehouse & fulfillment center employees that pack and ship your online orders, and cable & internet technicians who make sure you have TV to keep you entertained during quarantine and the ability to work remotely. Thank you to everyone who risks their health to take care of everyone else 💗



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