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Good things come in small(er) packages

A small-format Target in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn NY.
A small-format Target in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn NY. Photo credits:

Inside a small-format Target in Honolulu, HI
Inside a small-format Target in Honolulu, HI

We're all familiar with big, spacious Target stores. But did you know that they have almost 100 small-format stores with more planned to open in the next few years?

Small-format Targets are designed for urban neighborhoods, near colleges and other places that can't accommodate a full-scale Target. The smallest store is only 12,800 feet and the average size is about 40,00 square feet. That's about 1/3 the size of your typical Target store.

Customers will find the usual categories they're used to seeing in a full-size Target, like Home, Apparel and Groceries. Each small-format store is curated to serve the local community's wants and needs, so a store in a neighborhood full of families with kids would be stocked differently than one near a college campus or an urban tourist area. Target has almost 2 dozen small-format campus stores in the U.S. with more on the way:

Map of Target small-format store near college campuses

The bigger the better?

Have you ever been in a small-format Target store? How would you compare it to the typical large-scale Target shopping experience? Did you prefer the compact size as opposed to navigating a large store? Or did you find that the smaller store didn't have everything you needed? We'd love to hear from you! Email us: or give us a call: (303) 536-5505.



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