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Walmart releases its Top Rated by Kids Toy List

Who knows toys best? KIDS do, of course! Right on time for the approaching holiday season, Walmart has revealed its Top Rated by Kids toy list showcasing the hottest kid-tested and approved toys of 2019. Walmart gathered hundreds of children ranging in age from 6 months to 12 years old to determine which toys made the grade. The resulting list of 48 picks is their biggest yet, including a good amount of Walmart exclusives.

Anne Marie Kehoe, Vice President of Toys at Walmart stated:

"Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for parents to find the perfect toys for their children. Our customers count on us to have an unbelievable selection of top toys at incredible prices for every gifting occasion. And, that’s especially true during the holidays."

And the winners are...

When all the testing, playing and fun was over, this year's top selections followed 6 main trends: Famous Friends, Unboxing Toys, Interactive Toys, Outdoor Fun, Aspirational Play, and Gaming. Here are some of the top picks in each category:

Famous Friends

Toys inspired from kids' favorite TV and movie characters

  • 6V Plush Simba (*Walmart exclusive)

  • Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak (*Walmart exclusive gift box)

  • Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Super Paws Lookout Tower

Unboxing Toys

Toys with collectible surprises inside

  • LOL Surprise 2-N-1 Glamper

  • Tic Tac Toy XOXO Friends Multipack

  • What's In My Purse - Doll Purse (*Walmart exclusive)

Interactive Toys

Toys that respond, talk, dance, change color, etc.

  • Build A Bear Workshop Stuffing Station Value Box (*Walmart exclusive)

  • Juno The Baby Elephant

  • Nascar Crash Racers Track Set (*Walmart exclusive)

Outdoor Fun

Toys for outdoor play

  • 24V Real Tree UTV (*Walmart exclusive)

  • Hover-1 Hoverboard and Kart Combo (*Walmart exclusive)

  • Hover-1 Transport Scooter (*Walmart exclusive)

Aspirational Play

Toys that evoke a child's aspirations to be or do something

  • Barbie Dreamplane

  • Kindi Kids Doll

  • Scruff-A-Luv My Real Rescue (*Walmart exclusive)


Toys and games for digital adventurers

  • Cynosa Chroma Keyboard

  • HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop

  • Kraken Grn 2019

For more information on Top Rated by Kids and to meet the "Toy Board Members" and see their favorite picks, visit

"Toying" with the market

The closing of Toys "R" Us stores has opened up a huge opportunity for other players to grab their share of the toy market. Walmart now calls itself "America's Favorite Toy Store", Target has partnered with Disney to bring store-within-a-store Disney shops into its retail locations as well as expanding it's overall toy selection, and Amazon is reportedly looking to come out with a print toy catalog to fill the gap that the Toys "R" Us catalogs once filled (they also released their own toy list). What is your go-to place for toys? Who do you think offers the best selection and prices? Do you prefer the hands-on experience of a retail store or the convenience of ordering online? Let us know what you think! Email us: or give us a call: (303) 536-5505.


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