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The shift in top-selling items on Amazon between 2020 and 2021

Amazon just released shopping data of U.S. customers in 2020 and the trends so far for 2021. While 2020 was all about staying at home, 2021 trends show that easing Covid restrictions have shoppers thinking about getting back out into the world, ready to socialize again, and preparing to travel. One shopping trend that remains consistent, however, is athleisure wear. Sales of sweats, leggings, and comfy work-from-home clothing are still strong.

2020 Trends

All things home dominated customer purchases in 2020, with significantly increased sales in home office, at-home entertainment, home improvement, and kitchen items ranging from cookware to kitchen storage.

  • Cookware, cooking tools, and kitchen storage more than doubled in sales.

  • Gardening product sales increased by 50%.

  • Outdoor pools and bounce houses more than doubled in sales.

  • Outdoor sports game sales were up 70%.

  • At-home entertainment products like kids such as arts & crafts, puzzles, and building blocks were up 70-75%.

  • Sales of home office items like laptops and desks more than doubled, and ink saw a 90% increase.

  • Consumer electronics also saw big sales increases like headphones (up 55%), headsets (up 134%), and gaming monitors (up 150%).

2021 Trends

With Covid restrictions easing and masks coming off, consumer spending habits have switched to entertaining, weddings, social events, and travel.

  • The Amazon wedding registry has more than doubled.

  • Event and party supply sales have more than doubled.

  • Outdoor furniture sales have nearly doubled, and grilling product sales are up up 70%.

  • Sales of formal wear like skirts, dresses, dress shirts, suits, and tuxedos have more than tripled.

  • Toothpaste and whitener sales are up 66%, and curling iron sales are up 30%.

  • Jewelry sales have nearly tripled.

  • Luggage sales are up by a whopping 460%, swimwear sales have more than doubled, and sunscreen and bronzer sales are up 70%.

  • Car seat sales topped 70% while stroller sales are up 50%.

  • Outdoor living and camping product sales are up more than 130%.

  • Cargo management, exterior accessories, and RV care sales more than doubled.

Consistent Trends

One thing that's apparent from both 2020 and 2021 data, athleisure isn't going anywhere. Sales of sweats are up by more than 60%, athletic bottoms by more than 40%, athletic tops by more than 45%, and leggings by more than 90%.

Shifting shopping gears

Have your shopping habits changed dramatically from 2020 to 2021? What are the major differences? Did the way you shop also change? Has online shopping replaced a lot of your in-store shopping or have you gone back to your pre-Covid shopping routine? We'd love to hear from you! Email us: or give us a call: (303) 536-5505.


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