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Fun Valentine's gifts for under $15 💘

Is your Valentine a hopeless romantic, Star Wars fan, outdoorsy type, cat or dog lover, gamer, foodie, or techie? Then we've got you covered (even if you're anti-Valentine's Day).

Cupid is getting ready to spread the love next week so we scoured Amazon to find fun yet affordable gifts for that special someone in your life, according to the type of person they are. And don't worry if you're the anti-Valentine's Day sort, we found a few things for you, too.

The Hopeless Romantic

  • "What I Love About You" Fill-in-the-Blank Journal - $7.12 This one will require a little extra work on your part, but if your Valentine is a hopeless romantic, the extra effort will score you some major brownie points. Who wouldn't want to have their ego placated with a book full of compliment-laden mushiness from the person they love?

  • His & Hers Lovin' Massage Oil Gift Set - $12.99 You could always blow your Valentine's fund on a professional massage, but DIY massage is much more intimate and won't break the bank. Plus it's really a gift for yourself because you know you're gonna make them reciprocate.

  • Rotating Sky & Cosmos Light Projector - $14.99 Ever promise someone the moon and fail to deliver? Well this little projector can return you to hero status when you light up their world with a romantic night of indoor star gazing. Just resist the urge to play Pink Floyd.

The Star Wars Fan

  • Light Saber Chopsticks - $10.97 These may only be a good idea if your loved one is also a sushi fan. But even if they don't love sushi, a mini light saber battle would still be pretty awesome. May the rice be with you.

  • "I Love You - I Know" Pillow Cases - $14.99 Oh that Han Solo, such a romantic. It's every girl's dream that when she says "I love you", she'll get an "I know" in response, right ladies? But that's okay, everyone has their own love language. Princess Leia gets it.

  • Baby Yoda Mug - $14.95 Ummmm... if Baby Yoda doesn't melt your beloved's heart then they need to check their chest cavity - it's empty. They might need medical attention. STAT!

The Outdoorsy Type

  • Fold-Up Portable Picnic Blanket - $12.99 What's a better romantic outdoor date than going on a picnic? Even if the date started with hiking, biking, or knee-deep fly fishing, you can still curl up afterwards on this cozy blanket with some munchies and a bottle of wine. (Tip: If you went fishing, shower then picnic.)

  • Insulated Wine Tumbler - $13.99 Speaking of wine, keep it cool in this insulated, stainless steel wine tumbler that will remind your picnic partner how much they mean to you. And if they're not ready to hear those words yet, just keep refilling the tumbler. They'll come around.

  • Portable Hammock - $12.28 Give the gift of outdoor cuddling in this extra large portable hammock. It can support up to 660 lbs. so you can join your love for some outdoor snuggles while napping away after your adventure-filled day. As an added bonus, if you already co-habitate and get into a fight, it gives them a place to sleep when you kick them out.

The Cat Lover

  • Cat Paw Oven Mitts - $14.99 They won't be able to keep their paws off you when you give them these adorable oven mitts. And if they inspire some home cookin' from your good lookin', then good on you.

  • "Hiss" T-shirt - $13.99 If your feline-loving significant other rocks your world, why not rock theirs with this Hiss shirt? You can "Rock and Roll All Nite" to some "Detroit Rock Kitty." Yup, went there.

  • Kitty Coffee/Tea Mugs - $14.99 These are just plain cute. And bonus points if you say "you're my cup of tea" as you hand them over. Yup, went there, too.

The Dog Lover

  • "You Can't Buy Love" Pillow Case - $8.49 If you've ever rescued a dog, then you know what love is. You also know what being eternally covered in dog hair is.

  • Dog Treat Molds - $13.99 If your beau loves their dog as much as you love your beau, then they'll love making some homemade healthy treats for their pooch. If not, they can still make some pretty cute ice cubes.

  • "I'll Be Watching You" Dish Towel - $8.80 Hopefully you're not a stalker like the guy in the Police song that this is referring to. Stalking is not love unless it's done by a dog, folks.

The Gamer

  • Couples Keychains - $14.98 The couple that games together, stays together. They can also keep their keys together if they own these key chains.

  • Super Mario Mushroom Lamp - $14.99 Like Brick Tamland in Anchorman, your Valentine will be shouting "I love lamp!" when you hand over this piece of illuminated awesomeness. Plus, there's the whole "you light up my life" thing you can throw out there. Jus' sayin'.

  • "Gamers Don't Die" Socks - $6.99 Gamers don't die and neither will your love if you warm up their feet along with their heart. Just make sure they get off the couch once in a while so their heart keeps working.

The Foodie

  • "Two Peas in a Pod" Salt & Pepper Shakers - $13.89 "Two peas in a pod"... sounds just like the two of you, right? If it does, then spice things up with these sweet little salt and pepper shakers.

  • His & Hers Aprons - $8.99 You're probably both a couple of weirdos in your own special way so celebrate your weirdness with these silly aprons. If no one has ever called you weird, then you're probably boring anyway. And that's just weird.

  • Weak Knees Curry Siracha - $10.99 Just like your beau, this spicy curry Siracha is hot stuff. It'll leave you feeling a little weak in the knees and a tad hot and bothered. Or maybe a lot weak in the kneesand a lot hot and bothered, we don't know how hot your beau is.

The Techie

The Anti-Valentine

  • Dwight Shrute "All You Need Is Love" Card - $6.99 Love is not all you need according to Dwight Shrute. And you, of course.

  • Throwing Up Hearts T-Shirt - $13.07 Does Valentine's Day make you or someone you know wanna hurl? Then this t-shirt is the perfect way to express your nausea. Barf on!

  • Unicorn Snuggie - $14.99 If love really does make you wanna puke and you want to keep it away, then wearing this is sure to do the trick. But if someone decides that they love you despite wearing this, well then stop fighting it... because they must really love you!

Does seeing red make you feel blue?

What do you think of Valentine's Day? Do you think it's a fun way to let someone know how you feel or just another Hallmark holiday designed to guilt you into spending money? What's the grandest romantic gesture you've ever made on Valentine's Day? How about the best gift you've ever received? The worst? If you're single, does all the lovey dovey hype leave you feeling sad or do you totally not care? Do you celebrate National Singles Awareness Day instead? What do you do to celebrate? Let us know your thoughts! Email us: or give us a call: (303) 536-5505.



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