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15 Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Favorite Healthcare Worker

There's no better day to say "I love you" than Valentine's Day! And since it's not a normal one this year, we've created a gift guide for those who could use some unabashed love: Healthcare Workers! Having worked tirelessly through the pandemic, they deserve some extra love and recognition (and not just on Valentine's Day - every day!) So here's a list of some great items you can give to your favorite healthcare worker to show your appreciation and help them rock their best #OOTD:

Valentine's Day during a pandemic

While Valentine's Day may be a bit different this year, it doesn't mean you have to skip it! People are finding unique ways to celebrate - whether it's via a virtual movie date, sending a gift, or simply a night at home with take out. What are your Valentine's plans? Or are you celebrating National Singles Awareness Day instead? Let us know how you plan to celebrate (or not) in 2021! Email us: or give us a call: (303) 536-5505.


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