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Walmart is expanding some stores to include a fulfillment center for online and pickup orders

Image Source: Walmart

Ready, set, go! Walmart is still in the race against Amazon - this time in their attempt to speed up online delivery and pickup orders. At the start of the pandemic, Walmart transformed some stores into mini-warehouses that focus primarily on fulfilling online orders. Now that online grocery orders continue to increase at a rapid pace, Walmart has decided to address the demand by transforming more stores into automated fulfillment centers.

These centers will be 20,000-30,000 square-foot add-ons to existing stores, where robots will work with employees to gather items and fulfill orders. Walmart hopes these additions cut down foot traffic in stores where employees currently crowd the aisles to fulfill online orders. With this separate area, they should be able to process an increase in orders and prepare them at a quicker rate - within one hour.

So many options

Shopping options continue to evolve and may permanently change the way we buy everything, not just groceries. Aside from in-store shopping, what is your favorite way to make purchases? Do you prefer store pick up, home delivery, or a combination of both? Do you use Walmart+, Amazon Prime, or both? Which do you think is better? We'd love to hear your experience! Email us: or give us a call: (303) 536-5505


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