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Walmart Pet Care has your furry family members covered

images of pets
Image source: Walmart

For many of us, our pets are family members that deserve love and care. Knowing the important role that pets play in our lives, Walmart has recently expanded their pet services with Pet Care - a full-service offering for pet owners that includes affordable pet insurance, pet sitting, and dog walking. This expands upon Walmart PetRx that launched in 2019, offering low cost prescriptions both in-store or delivered to your home.

With Pet Care, Walmart has partnered with Petplan to offer customers up to 10% off their policies, with insurance options for cats and dogs that cover veterinary fees due to accident, injury or illness. Customers can make vet appointments and file claims using Petplan's platform as well as receive access to $1,000 worth of virtual vet appointments.

In addition to medical support, Pet Care gives customers access to pet sitting and dog walking services through Rover, where they can easily book from over 300,000 providers. As a bonus for booking through Rover, Walmart customers will receive a $20 Walmart gift card for their first completed service and another $20 Walmart gift card after completing their fifth service within six months.

Keeping our pets healthy

Our furry friends' healthcare can be a real budget buster at times, but they deserve the best care we can give them. Have you taken advantage of Walmart's Pet Care and/or PetRx? Did you find Walmart's offerings to be more affordable than others? Are there other services you use to care for your four-legged friends? We'd love to hear from you! Email us: or give us a call: (303) 536-5505.


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