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Walmart will now deliver your pet's prescriptions right to your door

They're also expanding in-store veterinary clinics and their selection of healthier pet food options

Pet ownership is wonderful but it can also be expensive. Now Walmart is making it easier and cheaper to take care of Fido and Whiskers. With the launch of, customers will have access to low cost prescriptions for dogs, cats, horses and livestock from over 300 brands - delivered right to their home, with free 2-day shipping available for orders over $35. For those who would rather fill their pet prescriptions in a store, Walmart plans to stock their over 4,500 pharmacies with the top 30 most requested pet meds, giving you one less stop to make during your busy day.

Walmart has also realized that pet owners are taking better care of their pets, choosing more organic and grain-free foods, and giving their pets supplements and vitamins. They've added over 100 new pet brands over the last year, with more premium and healthy options. They've even developed premium private label brands of their own including Pure Balance, Golden Rewards and Vibrant Life, that offer premium ingredients at a lower price.

One more pet-centered improvement Walmart is making is the expansion of their in-store retail veterinary clinics, starting with nine new clinics in the Dallas-Forth Worth area, with plans to open 100 total over the next year. Their services should save customers as much as 40-60% on vaccines, minor illness treatments and routine exams, the company said.

How do you typically fill your pet's prescriptions? Have you ever filled them online or do you prefer to fill them in a store? Will you try Walmart's prescription service? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Email us: or give us a call: (303) 536-5505.


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