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How to earn Walmart's Pro Seller Badge

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Image source: Walmart

For all those Walmart sellers out there, it's time to earn your badge! And we're not talking about the Girl Scouts. Walmart now offers a "Pro Seller Badge" to designate top-rated sellers. The badge will appear on Walmart’s Search results, item page, additional sellers page, add to cart confirmation page, and in the cart. The badge's purpose is to help sellers build trust with customers and to help drive sales.

How do I get the badge?

To qualify for the Pro Seller Badge, Walmart lists the following requirements:

  • Seller’s 90-day Delivery Defects rate is less than or equal to 5%.

  • Seller’s 90-day Cancellation Defects rate is less than or equal to 1% for seller-related cancellation reasons.

  • 100% of the seller’s offers are participating in free online or in-store returns.

  • At least 60% of the seller’s trending items have a listing quality score of greater than or equal to 50%.

  • Seller is compliant with Walmart’s Marketplace policies and other performance guidelines.

To see the most current and complete requirements, visit Walmart's Seller Help.

Badges of honor?

In addition to the new Pro Seller Badge on Walmart, you've probably also seen the "Amazon's Choice" badge on plenty of listings when you're shopping on Amazon. Do these types of designations make you more likely to purchase a product? Do you feel that the seller is more trustworthy? Have you ever purchased anything with a badge like one of these and had the seller turn out to be untrustworthy? We'd love to hear your story! Email us: or give us a call: (303) 536-5505.


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