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Amazon is ready to "address" counterfeit products

We’re all accustomed to making purchases through Amazon’s marketplace and buying our products from a variety of sellers. But how do you know who you're really buying from? For customers in Europe, Japan, and Mexico, seller information is readily available on Amazon. This information includes their name and address so that customers can verify sellers and feel confident in their purchase. But that hasn't been the case in the United States - until now.

Starting September 1, 2020, Amazon will now require U.S. sellers to publicly list their business name and address. For individuals, Amazon will display their individual name and address. Hopefully this will help deter counterfeiters that currently appear and disappear with little to no consequences. Although Amazon will require more seller information to be directly available, they do warn against providing an email address and recommend that sellers only communicate with customers through their online messaging system. After all, sellers aren't the only ones on Amazon that try to scam people.

Will bad actors find new roles?

Have you ever bought something on Amazon that turned out to be counterfeit? Were you able to contact the seller afterwards? How did Amazon remedy the situation? Have you ever made a purchase that wasn't counterfeit but you were unable to contact the seller afterwards to resolve an issue? Do you think bad actors on Amazon will still get away with selling counterfeit products despite having to provide their name and address? We'd love to hear your story! Email us: or give us a call: (303) 536-5505.



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