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The Do's and Don'ts of Amazon packaging inserts

Amazon packaging inserts are a great marketing tool to thank your customers, encourage reviews of your products and solidify your brand identity. It may also seem like a great way to send your customers to your website, offer them a discount on a future purchase, or an incentive in exchange for a review, right? Guess again. Any attempt to divert your customers to a sales platform outside of Amazon or specifically solicit positive reviews is a violation of Amazon's terms of service (TOS). There are definite Do's and Don'ts when it comes to packaging inserts. Here are the basics:

What you CAN include on a packaging insert:

  • You can neutrally ask customers for a review Simply let the customer know that you appreciate their opinion and to please leave a review on Amazon. Do not ask for 5-star ratings, positive reviews or offer any discounts or incentives in exchange for a review.

  • You can encourage customers to follow you on social media While you can't list your website and tell them to visit you there, you can encourage them to follow you and share their thoughts on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

  • You can ask customers to contact you if they have any issues with your product Inserts are a good place to stress your customer service. Let them know they should contact you with any problems or questions they have and that you're willing to make it right if they are unhappy for any reason.

Here's an example of a proper packaging insert that Ripcord Brands created for peaksNpaws Himalayan Yak Chews for dogs:

peaksNpaws Amazon packaging insert
An example of the right way to use Amazon packaging inserts.

What you CANNOT include on a packaging insert:

  • You cannot direct customers to your website or other sales platform Do not list your website or any other URL where you sell your product. You can offer a discount that applies directly to your Amazon store, but it cannot lead the customer to any other sales platforms, including your own website.

  • You cannot ask customers for specific feedback Yes, you can ask for neutral reviews, i.e. "Please leave us a review on Amazon, we'd love to hear from you!" But requests for 5-star, positive, great, etc. reviews are in violation of Amazon's TOS.

  • You cannot offer customers incentives or discounts in exchange for reviews Mentioning discounts and reviews in the same message is prohibited. Any discounts offered for your Amazon store CANNOT be offered in connection to the customer leaving a review.

Packaging inserts promote your brand

Inserts are a great way to connect with your customer. They let the customer know you care about their opinion, you want them to be happy, and offer ways to connect with your brand through social media channels. It's a thoughtful little thank you card for their business. Need help designing packaging inserts for your products? The Amazon marketing experts at Ripcord Brands are full of creative solutions to meet your needs. Email us: or give us a call: (303) 536-5505.



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