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Why brands should tap into Amazon Posts

If you've spent any time shopping in the Amazon app or on, you've probably noticed an Instagram-like feature that displays lifestyle photos of various products that you can scroll through. For those who aren't familiar, this is Amazon Posts - a beta feature where brands can upload photos into a shoppable feed that links directly to their products or storefront. Qualifying sellers can use this free service to educate their audience and drive product discovery.

Who can use Posts?

Amazon Posts is available only in the U.S. for sellers who have Brand Registry. You do not need to advertise on Amazon to start using Posts, but you must sell products on Amazon. (Amazon DSP customers must also have an advertising console account in addition to their Amazon DSP account in order to use Posts).

What should brands post?

High quality lifestyle images should be used (as opposed to product images with a white background) as Amazon requires that images showcase your product "in use" in order to help inspire customers to purchase and explore. You can easily repurpose your social media assets and use them in your Posts. Posting at the same cadence of your regular social media is suggested.

Where do they show up?

When accessing Amazon via mobile devices, Posts will automatically display on listing pages (they appear under the header Related posts). When accessing Amazon via desktop, customers can find your Posts feed in your storefront's navigation menu (see images below).

Screenshots of Amazon posts on mobile and desktop
Amazon Posts appear under "Related posts" on mobile (left) and in Amazon storefronts on desktop (right).

Why should brands use it?

Amazon Posts are great in helping maintain brand consistency and telling your brand story. In addition, if you choose not to utilize this feature, competing brands will be featured in the Posts feed on your listings, possibly steering customers away from your page. Other brands will show up regardless, but by using Posts, your brand will still have a presence in your feed as well as show up in your competitors' feeds, possibly steering customers to your products instead.

Shoppers can also opt to follow a brand on Amazon by clicking the "+Follow" button directly from a post or from the storefront. This enables customers to receive relevant updates if they are following you, and forge a stronger connection to your brand.

Using Posts will also provide you with valuable insights into your customers and products. Once published, you'll be able to track post performance for impressions, engagement, product clicks, and reach.

Get social!

As e-commerce marketplaces evolve, brand relevancy and brand loyalty become more important every day. A lot of brands are tapping into social to elevate their brands and connect consumers to their products. With Amazon Posts, brands can tap into Amazon's version of social media to increase exposure on the Amazon Marketplace and raise brand awareness. Are you taking advantage of Amazon Posts yet? Do you need help navigating Posts and other aspects of Amazon for your business? The experts at Ripcord Brands are here to help! Email us: or give us a call: (303) 536-5505.


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