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Product Spotlight: Define yourself with the white coat collection by healing hands

Looking for your new favorite lab coat? The white coat collection has the technology you need and the luxury you deserve. All healing hands lab coats have their own personalities. From the conscious minimalist to the inventive artisan, you can be yourself in their coat

the minimalist

The minimalist will love this coat because of its no fuss attitude. It’s simple. You need something that satisfies the utilitarian in you, while still looking good. You’re the type who wants to create more, consume less. Get the minimalist look to keep life sweet and simple.

the modernist

The modernist will love this coat because it breaks the traditional mold. This coat is for the person who appreciates fashion and function. The fabric is engineered to be soft, stretchy, and durable. After a long day, our easy-care coat will be the last thing you have to worry about. Get the modernist look for your 21st century life.

the professional

The professional will love this coat because of the versatile, luxurious fabric. The unique fabric stretches with you on even your busiest days! This highly engineered fabric is equipped with a fluid barrier and soil-resistant technology. It’s durable for all, whether you’re in the lab or office.

About healing hands

healing hands was conceived in the hospital room, not in the boardroom, when founder Bansi Lakhani suffered a heart attack in 1997. Recovering from open-heart surgery, he was struck by two things: The critical role of his nurses, who he calls his healing angels (“They cared for me like I was family”), and stiff, scratchy, ill-fitting, boxy uniforms!

He thought, “If these nurses are providing such wonderful patient care already, imagine the possibilities of better patient care, resulting from the happiness of wearing luxurious uniforms. Ones that make them feel good, look good, perform well, and require no ironing or extra care. I promised myself I’d do something to repay them.”

Today Bansi travels the globe overseeing the creation of healing hands luxurious fabrics – fabrics they turn into durable, comfortable, stylish uniforms that fit and flatter naturally with no added ironing or added spending. “I’m also extremely conscious of the price. We know how hard nurses work for each dollar.”

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