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"Hey Google, talk to Walmart"

That's all you have to say now and Google Assistant will add items directly to your Walmart grocery cart. Alexa is no longer the only one who can fill your shopping cart as Walmart introduces Walmart Voice Order to compete with Amazon.

Walmart Voice Order
Now you can order your groceries from Walmart using voice commands.

With Google Assistant available on tons of cross-platform devices including Google Home Hub, Android phones, iPhones, smart watches and more, it's easy for customers to manage their shopping carts both at home and on the go. And the more you use Walmart Voice Order, the smarter it gets based on your regular purchases. According to Tom Ward, Walmart's Senior Vice President of Digital Operations:

If a customer says “add milk to my cart,” we’ll make sure to add the specific milk the customer buys regularly. Instead of saying “1 gallon of 1% Great Value organic milk,” they’ll simply say one word: “milk.”

Walmart Voice Order is starting with Google and plans to add other partners into the fold over time. The service will roll out to more and more customers over the next few weeks.

The battle intensifies

Walmart and Amazon are already competing heavily in the grocery realm. Amazon just slashed prices on hundreds of items, and not just for Prime members. And they're offering additional discounts for Prime members.

Referring to Amazon's desire to undercut Walmart, "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer stated: “They hate, hate, hate Walmart. Walmart is the biggest grocery chain in the country. Amazon will stop at nothing to take away the share that Walmart has gained."

Have you used Walmart Voice Order and/or Amazon's Alexa to order groceries? Which one do you like better? What are the biggest differences? Do you think Walmart can keep up with Amazon? Let us know what you think! Email us: or give us a call: (303) 536-5505.


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