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5 ways to make sure customers perceive your brand as trustworthy

When a customer searches Amazon for a product, how do they know which brands they can trust? Or which item features exactly what they want or need ? With so many product listings to choose from, it can be a tough decision. Is the cheaper item the best choice or is it cheap because the quality is poor? If two items are similar in price, what details are going to make the customer choose one over the other?

Customer making an online purchase
Do customers trust your product enough to buy it?

We've outlined 5 KEY THINGS TO CONSIDER in your Amazon listings that will present your product and brand as trustworthy, and gain the confidence of buyers:

1. Images

Images are the first thing to grab a potential buyer's attention. Make sure your images are high quality, sharp, and that you have plenty of them. Show your product from different angles and if you can, use a lifestyle picture showing your product being utilized in real life - it will give the customer a sense of it's true size and use. In addition, an infographic highlighting what makes your product unique and a video, even if it's a short one, is extremely valuable. Some impulse buyers out there (we all know one... or are one!) will consider images above all else. Their reaction is: "I see it - now I have to have it!" Of course, the rest of your listing will do the convincing... but at this point, they're already sold.

2. Reviews

Reviews are king on Amazon. Customers rely on other buyers' experiences to see if they should trust your product and your brand. If people are singing your praises, chances are your product is a good one and others will continue to buy it. On the other hand, if your product receives numerous bad reviews, who's going to believe that it's a smart purchase? No one is. It's not always possible to make everyone happy, but that's where good customer service comes in. Make sure you're reaching out to customers to let them know you're willing to make things right if they have any issues. This will help circumvent bad reviews.

3. Detailed Descriptions

It's all in the details, right? Your product listings should utilize every character available. If you're selling water bottles on Amazon, don't just list three bullet points that say: Insulated, BPA free, 16 oz. You can find a ton of insulated, BPA-free, 16 oz. water bottles on Amazon. But can you find one that is great for the gym, trails and every day use, has a wide mouth opening that makes it easy to clean and add ice or fruit, double wall vacuum insulation, BPA and phalate free, keeps beverages hot up to 12 hours and cold for 24 hours, odor and bacteria resistant, protected sweat-free finish, 100% recyclable with a convenient carrying loop? Oh, and by the way, it's made by a company that gives 10% of it's proceeds to charity and has a lifetime warranty. Which bottle would you buy?

All of your Amazon product listings should aim to include these 5 important elements in order to gain customers' trust in your product and your brand. Without them, buyers may not feel confident in their decision to purchase, resulting in the loss of sales.

4. Brand Presentation

"They" say that looks aren't everything, but if you're trying to convince someone to buy your product, presentation is certainly important. Haven't you ever gone to a store and bought an item because you liked the label? It caught your eye, it sparked your interest, you bought it. Or maybe you've purchased an item because the label told you something about the brand that you connected with - they're eco-friendly, they donate a portion of their proceeds to a good cause, or they have a funny or inspiring story behind how they got started. Hopefully you already have a great logo, packaging and a consistent message for your brand. If you don't, how will your customers know what your brand is really about? Will they even remember you? Enhanced Brand Content and Amazon Storefronts are a great tool to solidify your brand's presentation, tell your story and connect with your customers. If you have brand registry, make sure you're taking advantage of these valuable tools.

5. Price

This is a no-brainer. Customers will always consider price. BUT, there is a big difference between cheap products and competitively-priced quality products. Keep your prices in line with products of the same quality on Amazon. Don't low-ball your price to compete with cheap junk, but don't try to over price your item if other sellers are offering the same quality at a better price. Amazon's Buy Box always takes price into consideration. Of course, if your item offers something unique that sets you apart and warrants a higher price, make sure that you're emphasizing those differences in your listing to justify it. Let the customer know that they'll get what they pay for, and that what they're paying for is worth it.

Be a brand worth trusting

The more quality information you provide in your Amazon product listings, the more your customers will feel confident in their decision to purchase from you. If they see great images, rave reviews, detailed descriptions, a nicely presented brand, and a good price, chances are pretty high you'll earn their trust and they'll buy your product. Need help getting your listings into trustworthy condition? You can trust the experts at Ripcord Brands to take care of you! Send us an email: or give us a call: (303) 536-5055



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