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Amazon Marketing Tools to Build Your Brand

Amazon Marketing is any marketing effort done to promote and drive awareness of your brand on Amazon. Without marketing your Amazon business, it would be difficult for your brand to remain sustainable on the platform. Here are a few common marketing strategies and how you can use them to build a successful presence on Amazon.


Advertising and promoting your products through paid campaigns is imperative if you want to compete successfully on Amazon. Campaigns include Sponsored Products ads, Sponsored Brands ads, Lightning Deals, and Coupons. All of these options can assist in placing your products and services in front of consumers.

Amazon Storefronts

Amazon storefronts are a free tool available to sellers with Brand Registry that offers businesses the opportunity to set up their own unique storefront on Amazon and stand out from other sellers. You are able to customize your storefront with images and content, showcase best-selling or new products, and it provides you with brand analytics to measure performance. Creating an Amazon storefront is one of the few ways brands can showcase themselves in the crowded and competitive marketplace. It improves your website’s presence, increases brand awareness, and boosts sales.

A+ Content

In addition to optimizing your product listing images and copy, you should be utilizing A+ Content on your listings. Amazon A+ Content is another feature available to those with Brand Registry that gives sellers the opportunity to communicate their value and unique brand story with additional images and information. As a seller, the best practice is to follow Amazon A+ Guidelines. When used effectively, Amazon A+ content is one of the most constructive and important ways to increase customer experience and trust. This will also result in boosting conversion rates, increasing traffic to the listing, and acquiring a higher ranking on Amazon. Bring your products and brand to the limelight by highlighting its benefits and features with Amazon A+ Content.

Amazon Posts

Amazon Posts is a beta feature where brands can upload photos into a shoppable feed that links directly to their products or storefront. Qualifying sellers can use this free service to educate their audience and drive product discovery. Amazon Posts are great in helping maintain brand consistency and telling your brand story. By using Posts, your brand will have a presence in your feed as well as show up in your competitors' feeds, possibly steering customers to your products instead. Using Posts also provides you with valuable insights into your customers and products. Once published, you'll be able to track post performance for impressions, engagement, product clicks, and reach.


Amazon isn’t just an e-commerce website. Similar to Google, Amazon operates as its own search engine. Buyers on Amazon enter a keyword to find what they are looking for and the higher your products rank the more you can sell. If you want your products to rank higher and to show up on Amazon’s organic search results, having an Amazon SEO strategy is key. Your strategy should include keyword research, optimizing listing copy and images, as well as managing reviews. SEO is an essential element for generating awareness and securing more sales.

External Marketing

External marketing is another way to lead customers who are not yet on Amazon directly to your Amazon business. Some examples of external marketing are email campaigns, newsletters, Google Adwords, and social media. According to the University of Main, 4.48 billion people currently use social media worldwide. This makes for an ideal place to promote your business by creating interesting and relevant content, engaging with potential customers, and steering them to your Amazon business. Creating more traction through external marketing can also assist in improving your product search rankings on Amazon.

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